Welcome to SUM1.co

Welcome to SUM1.co

Welcome to SUM1.co!

This is what used to be “SpikeballUnion.com”.

As some of you may be familiar, SpikeballUnion.com was my previous website from June 28th 2010 all the way to April 15th 2013. I first made it in 2010 when my friend from school inspired me to make my own website with my own domain, as he had one which I liked and found really cool (and no longer exists as of now). I liked what I had made, and then decided in February 2011 to add the domain “sum1.co” as a shorter, easier domain to access the site with. It redirected to spikeballunion.com. SpikeballUnion.com had a very rewarding and successful run towards the last few months of its life, gaining many regular users (at least 25). In January 2013, my friend (the same one) persuaded me to move to his hosting service with my site, and that is when it started becoming successful and I started paying more attention to it and developing it, making more pages, updating the theme greatly, getting used to CSS, etc. It had a forum, chatroom, blog posts, and more. It was a site dedicated to randomness and discussion, hence the slogan, “Random chat ‘n’ chill discuss”. But on April 15th a disaster occurred with his company causing all websites with his service to be wiped, including mine. I was quite devastated and annoyed because backups I’d tried to make hadn’t worked and it took me a very long time (1 year and 4 months) to gather the motivation to start rebuilding the site. It had had a self-made error page for the entirety of that “limbo” time, until now, when I have decided to relaunch the site as SUM1.co, and retire the SpikeballUnion.com name.

This new site keeps many of the ethics of the old one, it’s still random, I will have forums/chatrooms up for discussions, and other stuff too.

For now though the site is under construction, so check back from time to time and hopefully it will be back to it’s developed state soon :) . Hope you enjoy!

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